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The engineering and supplying company of Tabriz Tractor Parts has the largest supply chain of parts and assemblies of tractor and agricultural machinery in the country and is trying to provide its own supply network for the optimal supply of parts and materials needed by the Iranian tractor tractor company with continuous improvement of quality. The products supplied from abroad and abroad are organized as the most important supply chain for tractor parts throughout the country, along with tractor planting. This company, by utilizing and gaining knowledge of supply chain management and related systems and employing and recruiting experts and highly skilled human resources and providing the necessary transfer of knowledge and technology to its suppliers, is trying to play an active role in reducing the finished product price Final and at the same time, continuously improving and improving the supply chain of Iran’s tractor plant and creating the integrity of it for the purposes of the tractor tractor, and this important goal is to continuously monitor the main indicators identified for this company and its continuous improvement with the coherence of all factors and Organizational resources and optimal management will be possible.

The excellent management of Iran TractorTrade Company in 2005, by analyzing and analyzing the location of the Tractor Company, aims to achieve the following goals through the implementation of the approval of the supply chain in the engineering and maintenance of tractor parts, and this company supplies parts and assemblies from suppliers and vendors Inland and outside the country took over.

Target Supply Chain Establishment in the Form of Engineering and Supplying of Tractor Parts in Tabriz:
A: Development of the supply network and its capabilities in order to increase production capacity and improve the quality of supplied components and assemblies.

B: Provide timely parts and assemblies with desirable quality and low quality costs.

C: Optimal utilization of the human resources of the organization in queuing and operational situations

In line with the above goals, in 2006, the engineering and manufacturing company for the production and supply of tractor parts in Tabriz under the number 19310 registered on 28/1/85 was officially established in the Tabriz Registry Office. The subject of the company’s activity according to the statute is to carry out engineering activities for manufacturing / supplying and supplying industrial components and components, motor and tractor axles, industrial machinery and truck development, establishing affiliated industries and partnerships with other industries and domestic and foreign investment, carrying out inspection operations Trading operations, including import and export of any business contract that is related to the company’s activities, research and development of new products required by customers and exploitation of the results obtained in full, membership in scientific and technical centers, unions, relevant domestic organizations And foreigners in accordance with legal requirements c Get the latest technical and scientific information and standards and best practices and technological advances.

Headquarters location:


Sardrood Road

IRAN Tractor Manufacturing co

Engineering Company for producing and supplying tractor parts in Tabriz

Phone: 34249316 – 41 (98+)

Fax: 34255879 – 41 (98+)

Phone: 34255800 – 41 (98+)


Major activities of the company:
• Providing all assemblies and types of tractors component
• Supply of engine types
• Supply of various metallic materials
• Supply of non-metallic and chemical raw materials
• Supply of various machinery and spare parts and tools
• Providing engineering services and designing and re-engineering parts
• Providing inspection services and improving the quality of the suppliers

Acquiring a position in the philosophy of formation as an undisputed company in all respects in supplying the IRAN Tractor Company and presence in the global arena for the export of tractor parts and agricultural machinery.

Engineering Company for producing and supplying tractor parts is to achieve Innovation, Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Supply Chain Management

Organizational structure of the company